Best 5 Email List Software

Using email list software can be an easy way to set up ready to use distribution lists and as well as provide you with hard to access email contacts for potential customers and clients whom you would like to communicate with.

Expert Market UK takes a look at the five best email software programmes available online below. For a detailed search of available email list software for your business, simply fill in your details in the form above and Expert Market UK will search for the best options available for your business.

About Email List Software

Email list software helps you extract data from websites in order to gain email addresses and contact details for businesses and potential customers. It’s an easy way to manage your distribution lists, as all you need to do is input the details of the website that you need the contacts for, and the software will do the rest!

Email list software is a great time saver and can really be an asset for businesses. If you need to send an urgent marketing email or newsletter, having an email list generated by email list software already set up will mean that you can get your communications out quickly, without having to trawl for addresses.

Top 5 Email List Software

Whilst there are hundreds of available programmes specialising in creating email lists, the following five are among some of the best on the market and will make fantastic choices for your email marketing software.

1. PHP List
Whilst PHP List offer a range of services, including hosted email lists, they also offer a downloadable list builder which is great for businesses of any size. Their software is easy to download and is updated regularly in order to incorporate the latest features. With the ability to back up your lists, access 10,000 downloads a month and even send out mailings long after you’ve left the office, PHP List is feature filled and easy to get along with.

Best of all, PHP List is free to download and comes recommended by clients who include Radagast Solutions.

2. MailMan
MailMan is a popular email list tool which can serve as an add on to your internet browser in order to make it even easier for you to select contacts for your mailing list. It can also help with tasks such as spam filtering, bounce processing and have a number of excellent privacy controls. MailMan has the ability to help you manage online subscriptions, auto replies as well as the ability to manage multiple newsletters at once.

MailMan is free to download and features plenty of updates and support to ensure that its users can enjoy the latest advances in email list technology.

3. Mail Chimp
Mail Chimp is used by over 3 million people to help make their email list tasks easier. It is a simple to use product which can help you target specific subscribers. Using less complicated software than some of its competitors, Mail Chimp looks good and performs functions it knows are useful to its users. It even has features for mobile phones to enhance your marketing communications.

Mail Chimp has different pricing plans depending on how many emails you send per month and how many subscribers you have. The lowest tariff is free whilst the dearest could cost you around £15 a month.

4. ListServe from L Soft
ListServe is a feature filled software package which ideal for a range of business types. It is easy to download and use and is perfect for compiling and distributing email lists for a range of functions including newsletters, announcements, discussion groups and other form of email communications. Users can enjoy features such as automatic subscription management, virus scanning, bounce handling and many others to make email communications even easier for businesses.

ListServe has a range of different packages available which start at free for the lite versions and go up according to the level of usage required.

5. Send Blaster
Whilst the name my sound a bit amateur, the software itself is not. Send Blaster specialises in providing easy to use software to help users create bulk email lists specifically for marketing emails. With advanced HTML features to help you create dynamic and stylish communications as well as the ability to manage multiple lists and direct distribution, Send Blaster is an effective tool for businesses.

Send Blaster has both free to use and paid for software packages, with added features on the Pro version suitable for more complex communications.


Using email list building software is great for businesses and can save you a lot of time. However, capturing generic email addresses from websites can work against you with the fact that they may not go to the right people, be monitored regularly enough to be picked up in time for your message to be relevant and can also have spam filters in place should your recipient not have chosen to opt into receiving your communications.

Sometimes it is better to enlist the services of an email list provider, who will provide you with more accurate results and contacts and keep them updated for you. If it’s a more comprehensive service you’re after, with minimal risk of bounce back or incorrect and incomplete addresses, this would be a better choice for your business.

Let Expert Market UK help you find the best email list software for your business. Fill in your details above such as your email address and your budget and we will search online for available providers and narrow them down to bring you the most relevant results for your business needs. We’ll even put together a price comparison for you to help make choosing the right provider even easier for you. Start looking for email list providers today and get on your way to creating better, more efficient email marketing campaigns to help boost your business, attract new clients and boost your sales and profits.